Sonic Branding & Sonic Strategy

Sonic Branding

Sound is an increasingly important part of a brand’s marketing strategy. What's the sound of your brand?

Sonic Strategy

Strategically and objectively select ad music that fits your brand and provides you with the data to support decisions. 

Sonic Score

Measure how effective your sonic and audio strategies are. Compare yourself to your competitors. 

Our team

Ruth Simmons


Thirty years experience licensing music to advertising. Only person to receive the Music Week Sync Awards Lifetime Achievement Award, Outstanding Contribution to Sync. One of the first to identify sound as a brand asset.

John Ingham

Head of Creative Technology

Twenty-five years experience building profitable online properties. In 2000 developed the first mobile content service outside Japan. Head Of Content at mobile operator O2 from 2001 – 2007.

Mike Sastry


Built and continued to deliver software solutions for over 20 years, including apps, mass traffic consumer sites, back office tools, and R&D for a wide assortment of organisations from startups to large corporates.

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